Magical Makeup


I am kind of little obsessed with word called ‘magic’. I find everything magical in my own way despite having thousands of scientific explanation and I love the word science too. Kinda weird!!

I love makeup. Okay, I love reading about makeup, actually the point is that I love reading of all, and makeup comes into that love. I love to read the reviews of makeup and I keep on hopping to different blogs as well as I love reading about DIYs (Do It Yourself) It just distresses me in a way that could be little unexplained mystery, I love the colours, the effects, the goodness that it calls on.

I do not advocate for/against makeup. It is free world (least let us think for a while) and let people enhance with makeup or without. I sometimes love to do and most of the time I am bare faced (read too lazy) . But I agree on that little part of grooming as I am huge supporter of self-care and self-love; it definitely adds for the former.But again its a free world, do your wish with proper hygiene 🙂

And yes a very Happy Wednesday. Be grateful always




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