Bidding Adieu


Or au revoir… This year has come to an end. It was not easy. Never. Since the beginning of the New Year, we faced everything worst at its best. We understood how worst things could get and how resilient we turned out to be. People crying at drop of hat could observe silently thousand tremors that shook the core of heart most.

I too went through huge “personal crises” that melt me down, broke me into million pieces, I got so lost and lost almost everything on the verge of getting everything. But boy!! Glad it happened. I just did not survive, I thrived like anything. Not getting into details, I can say that I found the ME within me. The new ME is grateful, optimistic, passionate and beautiful in and out.

I learnt now we can re-collect our own broken pieces, admire our vulnerability, assess our flaws and bring back all without an ounce of visible cracks. Let other find cracks and the glistening LIGHT as well when they see you. It is not easy but then again, it is not that difficult too. Life throws back, hit  back well.

Cry your heart out, kindly withdraw and write as much as you can to vent out. Once you do, starting practicing gratitude, be hopeful for tomorrow, no matter how worse you are in. Don’t give up, darling. Your present doesn’t determine you; only your consistency and honesty matter with kindness topping the list.

Learn something new, something you are so scared to do. Ask for help, it doesn’t weaken you. You will learn either to trust yourself more or support of loved ones. Appreciate Nature. Birds. Animals and People. Trust yourself more. Indulge in self-care and self-love. You are already good, way to becoming better.

Complain less. Praise more. Get out of Rut. I mean move out. Clean room. Throw away old things. Promise to give something least a month. Your time, money or your support to the one who really need. Ask for something. Believe in it. And, Receive it gracefully. And keep on trusting the process.

P.S. Photo of Few Lake, Pokhara. Visit the place. It is beautiful.

May this New Year bring you lots of joy, happiness and fulfilment. May the energy guide you to the best.


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