Why Monday Blues


Oh.. no it is Monday… why Friday is  so near of Monday and Monday so faaaaaarr from Friday.. hmmmm. Every Monday in my Insta feed, I read tricks and tips to beat Monday blues.. this and that.. secret tips, smart tips and too many tips to beat it. Well. well. well

Don’t beat it.. let it come, stay and enjoy.

Monday is actually start of a workday in most parts of the world. Here in Nepal, weekend only means Saturday off and you go back to work on Sunday. We don’t have any religious alignment to that. But we definitely have too many religious holidays, so there you go.. Holiday country we are..  It just starts from Sunday to Saturday, total 7 days a week. But usually Sunday is a Mass Day so in most part of the world and  it used to be a holiday and nowadays you work 40 hours per week with two days off. Sounds great, isn’t it?

No.. some might scream.

Why Monday Blues?

Stop saying that. It means you are forcing yourself to chant mantra. Do you actually hate Monday,  because you do not want to work? or you had a bad hangover of last night? or your job sucks a big time?

Wait while you are reading this on your mobile or even pc, think that this very Monday hard work helped you buy that.

After staying job-free (i dislike using word, “jobless”) for awhile, I indeed missed being at cubicle, working myself, of course making mistakes, muttering under breathe and learning again; and above all, sense of financial independence and bouts of good laugh with my colleagues turned good friends.

Nothing in this world can guarantee absolute happiness; at one time you shall be bored even in Alice’s Wonderland.

So, stop cribbing about Monday..

If you do not want to work, find a better one,  or grab yourself and work real hard to be your own boss but remember every workplace has almost same kind of rhythm.

Had bad hangover, get some meds, drink lots of water; take a day off.. but get back to work.

Every job sucks big time.. it does. you just have to change your perspective.

Lastly; adapt change, move from your chair, be firm when you are bullied, trust your guts and lastly always have positive view about your future. And hey drink lots of water.

Happy Monday Magic..



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