Easiest Hair Care Guide



Hair, Her Hair Here is my Hair.. in hands…

We all are born with hair, and unfortunately it grows where we don’t want and does not GROW where we mercifully beg to grow.

Thanks to media, that bombard us with the perfect hair that looks so sleek, smooth, frizz-free, gorgeous locks, fine ends and what not!! And all you do is whine always.

Don’t do that.

The below mentioned points could, possibly could help change in your hair.. Not media fed change but the natural change that we know but resist to acknowledge. So let’s us read:

  1. Kindly, please kindly be grateful to your hair on your head. Be very thankful even for that few strands or bushy tails. Just be happy  and say in front of a mirror that you have lovely gorgeous hair and please do not compare at all.
  2. Now I truly believe in hair massaging with oil. Choose coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or castor oil. Do avoid commercial mineral based oils. It may do good in early days but later it makes your hair brittle.
  3. Oil your hair twice a week before washing. Don’t get scared of stickiness.
  4.  Trim your hair once in every 3 months. please do. Not matter how short or long your hair is.
  5. Apply hair mask least in 15 days
  6. Always dilute your shampoo with water before applying to your thoroughly wet hair and massage scalp gently and ends too.
  7. Always wrap with good quality towel or cotton shawl; do not rub harder
  8. Don’t comb in wet hair and if you have to use wide tooth comb.
  9. Invest in good brand of hair brushes and combs.
  10. To avoid frizzy ends, apply a drop of almond or olive oil in your palm and gently comb rub at the ends of hair.
  11. Wash your hair bands, hair brushes, combs and sanitize clips and hair sticks.
  12. Change your hair parting often; it gives a new look.
  13. And hairstyle too; nothing beats a makeover than a new haircut. Go to trusted hairdresser.

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